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Customer satisfaction on DTG printing

Customer service

According to Smith (2006), this is the era of holistic philosophy where everything has to be emphasized by the business organizations and customer service should at the heart of the focus.

Customers are not only the persons who give money in exchange for the goods or services of the organizations instead, they play so many important roles that have a huge impact on the growth and profitability of the businesses. Desatnick (2020) opined that a customer is a promoter of the products and the promotion through a customer gives the highest return to the organizations. Once a customer gets satisfaction from the services/products of a business, he suggests it to his close peoples like his friend circle, wife, children, relatives, etc.

Moreover, the suggested persons get the information credible because the promotion is organic and no interest of the customer remains there. Innis and La Londe (2019) stated that WOM is very strong and effective for building brand reputation and customer service accelerates the process very nicely.

Through customer satisfaction, the touchpoint of customers can be reached that encourages them to give positive reviews about the company and take its popularity to another level which accelerates the amount of profit and encourages expansion as well.

Personalized service

Ryan and Ployhart (2020) described that personalized service is the type of service that allows the customers to choose their styles, designs and include their suggestions. It is the modern marketing technique, that empowers the customers and makes them delighted as well.

Dresner and Xu (2019) described that when personalization comes into action, the confirmation customer’s satisfaction can be given because it doesn’t give the post-purchase discomfort that is one of the major obstacles for the products that are designed by the companies without taking preferences from the customers.

Parasuraman, et al. (2019) criticized that personalization hinders the possibility of economies of scale because the quantity that the customers order for their style is not so high. Therefore, it causes the increment of operational cost and decreases the amount of income and profit consequently. Thus, the use of this strategy may not be ideal and the businesses may not able to stay sustainable with it.

Direct to garment printing (DTG)

According to Barsky and Labagh (2019) direct to garment printing is the updated printing technique that allows businesses to serve customers with personalized products. It helps to print even less than 10 t-shirts without costing a high amount.

Churchill Jr and Surprenant (2019) stated that in this method, an aqueous inkjet printer gets used for DTG printing which sprays watercolors on the t-shirt immediately. It helps to portray the original digital precisely and is considered as eco-friendlier than screen printing as well. Söderlund (2019) opined that DTG removes the fear of high costing due to the inability of attaining economies of scale due to personalization as it gives instant printing without using any particular setup for the design which is mandatory for screen printing.

Therefore, the designing cost is very low and the speed of designing is prompt. Desatnick (2020) depicted that DTG printing is better for the businesses that offer personalized service as it has reduced the steps of printing and removed the need for extra space as well.

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