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All You Need to Know About OkTshirt

OkTshirt is a young company that founded a company for customizing textiles using DTG printing and innovative fabrics beautification techniques, based on perfection and accuracy. The passion for design and fashion determined us to focus on the field of textile printing, so now we are working with high-performance DTG printing equipment.

The use of custom T-shirts is almost limitless. They are ideal to reflect a mood or a preference of the wearer, but also in the business field, in a marketing campaign, due to the possibility of personalizing with a business logo.


Do you like unique clothesand love to stand out in the crowd? You clicked where you should! Welcome to our online store! We offer you an environment where you can express yourself as free as possible. We help you create your own product, which you can make exactly according to your preferences.We give you the opportunity to express your originality without borders.With us you can design your own T-shirt, customed online.

okTSHIRT is an online personalized t-shirt store. We offer custom printing services,thanks to a modern printing technique and fast communication channels, as well as original products and fast delivery. Do you want to highlight your style with a personalized T-shirt andbe cool? Enjoy the charm of creating your own product an experiment with patterns, colors, characters!

The color, size and style of the print can be adjusted to suit your taste. Don’t forget: whatever you create, will be original.You have at your disposal a free expression environment, where you can choose a superman t-shirt, a couple’s t-shirt, a gift for an anniversary or for Christmas.Our team is available to realize your idea. Design as you like and order the desired products now!

LOOKING FOR A GIFT? OkTshirt got your back

We have learned that choosing a gift is not an easy task. And because we want to make your work easier, we offer you numerous T-shirt models to choose from. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our products. We have a whole team working for you, to have a wonderful experience. The photos we take are meant to inspire you, to give you ideas. All OkTshirt team is working for you. We make all custom products based on your specifications.

We are a professional team in this field. Our employees are talented in design and printing, so when you place an order you have a whole team at your disposal. We verify all aspects of the design: the size, the contrast, the resolution, the possible composition errors, and, if necessary, we improve the images that you upload or send to us. We want to make sure that the customization will look exactly the way you want it, and we do everything necessary so that your design can be printed correctly.

If you are looking for something to get you out of the “boredom” of everyday life, or you ran out of gift ideas before an important event, our store can give you the inspiration you need.


DTG – direct to garment represents a new technology and a reliable method of personalizing T-shirts, blouses and other textiles at the moment. Several well-known companies use this printing method because of the finesse of the print.

In the case of white T-shirts, the ink is absorbed directly into the material and when it comes to dark colored T-shirts, a white base is applied and it has a slightly rubbery appearance. The ink is very fine and feels pleasant to the touch.

The digital print can be made on any t-shirt or hoodie with a content of at least 80% cotton. The print applied directly on textiles is resistant and qualitative, being influenced both by the quality of the shirt and by its proper washing.

We use special inks for direct to garment printing. Using a thermal press, we fix the print into the fabric after printing. Thanks to the latest generation of DTG printers, as well as the quality inks that we use, we obtain a high quality print, resistant to numerous washes.


First of all, you will save time and have the opportunity to obtain the desired product without leaving the comfort of your home. Another key point is that the whole process, from design to completion of the order, takes only a few minutes.

You can place an order quickly even without registering.You also have the opportunity to register on the site with an account to keep your benefits for several accumulated orders. We reward your loyalty.

If you want a special offer for printing a large series of items (promotional t-shirts, work equipment, etc.) we offer you the most advantageous working conditions, as well as the best quality/price ratio.We care about your needs and we help you to find the best solution that suits you. If you need promotional products and/or customization services, we are here to help! Or if you need an advice regarding custom T-shirts, you can count on us anytime. Trust us!

Do you still have doubts? Read the following benefits and do not hesitate to start designing and customizing the desired product.

  • OKTshirt offers you high quality printing models.
  • A wide range of textiles and personalized gifts.
  • Accessible prices and 24 hours execution time (one working day) from placing the order.


Communication in the relationship with our clients has always been paramount in order to be able to satisfy exactly their needs. That’s how we managed to have clients in vast fields of activities.

We like to see our collaborators satisfied when they receive exactly what they want, so we ensure a long-term collaboration. That’s why we offer quality, precision and fairness, and in return we receive loyalty.

Due to the long and constant collaboration with our clients in the field of custom T-shirts, we have grown and thus we have managed to purchase more equipment necessary to fulfill the workload. This helped us to honor all the requests received, even the most demanding ones.

We like to invest in quality. That’s why all the fabrics we use in production are certified and manufactured by our  suppliers. Also we use licence software and printers with all the equipment we own.

After many tests,  we can recommend exactly what you need in order to obtain high quality products. Dedication and passion for working in custom T-shirts field are all that matters! We are a young company that wants to grow and assert itself with the best quality. Every client is special to us, and we want to succeed through fairness, seriousness, perseverance and ambition.

OUR VALUES at OkTshirt

We are ambitious and determined to become the number 1 online gift shop in UK. At the present time we persevere and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. That is why we treat all things with a high degree of seriousness. From making and shipping orders to dealing with our customers and employees okTshirt is your best choice.

The watchword is excellent. There are no half measures. As a matter of fact, we offer excellent experiences and products. At the same time the consistency in creating high quality products, is the thing that give us the trust of our clients and collaborators.

Our motivation comes from client satisfaction and our development as a company. All employees from OKTshirt are grateful for every success and achievement.  Our product and services make a lot of clients very happy.

We dedicate all our skills in transforming gifts and products online, into a pleasant, interactive and accessible experience for everyone. In other words, our motto is ”online for everyone”.

That would be the description of okTSHIRT for short. In other words, this is where you can find the most amazing printed T-shirts. Every day our designers create for you dozens of new models to express your personality. The cool designs, finest cotton t-shirt, and use of the latest technologies, make our custom products unique in UK!

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