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Why Use Printed Design T-shirts for Brand Marketing

Custom printed design t-shirts are inarguably one of the most comfortable casual wear items, worn readily by everyone across the globe. Their popularity is such that the global volume of t-shirts is expected to reach 7.98bn pieces by 2027. T-shirts with a customised, printed design present a unique opportunity for businesses to promote their brands.

Printed design t-shirts
custom t shirt for brands


T-shirt marketing enables you to put your brand logo, name, and motto on a casualwear item that becomes a walking billboard ad for you. Investing in custom t-shirts in the UK for brand marketing is an inexpensive and long-lasting method for promoting brand recognition and trust. However, you must ensure your t-shirt marketing efforts are effective. You can do that by:

  • Creating your niche market
  • Knowing your target customers
  • Using the right colours, typeface, design, and other elements

Without ado, let’s explore some reasons why t-shirt marketing will help your brand!

9 Reasons T-shirts with Custom Printed Design Work for Brands

Here are all the reasons you must invest in top-quality custom t-shirts for your business:

Affordable Marketing Opportunity

Using t-shirts for brand marketing can be quite affordable. Grand marketing campaigns, including TV ads, billboard advertising, and influencer marketing, can cost a lot. Comparatively, the cost of ordering high-quality t-shirts with a printed design and distributing them is minimal.

Ultimately, it’s a reliable and affordable mode of marketing that also proves to be cost-effective in the long run. All you have to do is choose a plain cotton t-shirt and a reliable Birmingham printing clothes company to print your brand logo and name on them. OkTshirt offers prints on sale if you make an account and order from our website. You can use the discount points for the next order as well!

Lifelong Promotional Material

Billboards are eventually taken down, and TV ads last for a few seconds eventually. On the slip side, people wear t-shirts for months and years. As long as they last and your employees keep wearing them, your custom t-shirts will continue to promote your brand and message. Just make sure the quality of your t-shirts and print is top-notch so that they can last a long time.

Good for B2B Businesses if use custom printed design

Developing long-lasting connections with other companies is essential for the survival of B2B businesses. When promoting your company via networking with other businesses, you can distribute customised printed design t-shirts at trade events.

You can give these bespoke t-shirts to staff members to wear as they represent your business at local events. You can also put them in gift bags at conferences, etc., to generate the right buzz around your brand. Well-made personalised t-shirts will certainly help with brand recognition.

Fosters a Sense of Community

Making your employees wear your company t-shirts will help build a sense of community. It will foster greater workplace relationships and cultivate team spirit and company pride. Employees wearing your custom business t-shirt will feel a sense of ownership toward your company, boosting their productivity. It will also lead to brand loyalty and promotion.

Grows Brand Loyalty when use custom printed design

You can send your branded printed t-shirts to some valued customers. When they receive your company’s branded, premium t-shirts, they will feel appreciated. Since people tend to grow attached to their apparel, it will help encourage customer loyalty. If people also feel valued and appreciated, they will recommend your brand to others.

Waking Advertisement for Excellent Brand Recognition

Sending custom t-shirts in the UK to your customers, employees, investors, etc., will help build brand recognition. Every time someone wears your t-shirts with your company logo, it will catch countless eyes. Due to the longevity of t-shirts, people will continue to see your brand for a long time everywhere an individual goes in your t-shirt.

Whether you arrange a charity event or an in-house sports day, distributing your t-shirts will benefit you long term. Consistent visibility and visual appeal will translate into excellent brand recognition. Since thousands of eyes will come across your t-shirt, it’s best to get them printed by an expert. It will help people associate your company name with the best quality materials, thereby improving your credibility.


Polo Women Black FrontBack
Polo Women Black FrontBack

Sets a Professional First Impression with your custom printed design

Given how competitive most business niches are today, you must always look for opportunities to create a solid first impression. Wearing a premium-quality t-shirt with a custom-printed design of your brand logo will cement a professional first impression. It will help the customer understand that you care about presenting your brand properly. It will also reflect your passion for your company.

Social Media Promotion

You can use social media to start a conversation around your custom t-shirts, increasing brand exposure. Create a hashtag to encourage your customers and employees to post pictures of themselves wearing your company t-shirt.

You can incentivise people by keeping a reward for the most creative or heart-warming post. You can also involve a charitable cause and give money to charity every time a person posts a picture on your company t-shirt. It will garner a positive social media response and increase your brand recognition.

Endless Promotional Possibilities

Lastly, custom t-shirts present countless versatile brand marketing opportunities and are excellent conversation starters. You can use them to promote an event, campaign, cause, etc.

You can also take out limited branded t-shirts and send them to your sponsors and priced employees. These t-shirts also work well for companywide sporting events, retreats, etc. Additionally, you can send them to your valued customers.

Moreover, the design possibilities are also endless. You can opt for a simple company logo-based design or create theme-based designs for product or service launches.

You can also get high-quality t-shirts printed with your company’s motto or an idea you want to promote. It will also help you get the conversation going, which will ultimately lead to brand promotion.

Trust OkTshirts to Design Your Company’s Custom T-shirts in the UK

OkTshirt has years of Birmingham printing clothes industry experience. We have a fine collection of customisable t-shirts and other custom apparel. For brands looking for sophisticated, premium, 100% cotton t-shirts with a custom printed design, we offer polo t-shirts! We only print with a specialised DTG printer to ensure the fabric and print last a long time. Moreover, we offer quick delivery so that you can receive your t-shirts within 2 business days.

So, if you’re looking for a customised company t-shirt, get in touch with us today!

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