Our Story

You’re in good hands

Quality is the number one priority in our mission.

For years, people go through your life. Some give you a feeling of well-being, others you forget very quickly, not leaving an important imprint in your life.

We are Liliana and Christian, two young people with strong ambitions when we want to achieve something. We put our skills on paper and from an idea can always start a beautiful business through which we offer quality and utility to our customers.

We rely on trust, respect, skills and we stand up for any challenges it comes.

Our company can personalize tee shirt with logo, text, message, picture etc.

You can have a printed t-shirt on one side or both sides.


Liliana - co-founder

With 5 years of experience in the fashion field, I set out to offer my skill in this environment by offering a product so necessary to any person, family, child, student, parents.

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With more than 15 years of experience in the IT and financial fields, we offer our clients the most pleasant experience when it comes to personalized t-shirts.

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Marketing Expert

Student at the University of Marketing in Lyon, France, i’m fulfilling my duties in one of the most beautiful fields online – Digital Marketing & Customer Service.

NICK & JUSTIN CO LTD Company no.12815084 Based in Birmingham, uk